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NGOs – Non-governmental Organizations play a crucial role in development of the society. They act as a platform for community involvement in societal development. They also provide opportunities for student and citizen volunteering, they provide a platform for young people to learn the various aspect of organizaing event, conducting meetings, interacting with people. More importantly they show the world to you, through their programs, activities and opportunities.

There are NGOs which are very young, and some which are well established and even have tie-ups with international organizations. The young NGOs which provide more opportunities for volunteerism have a shortage of a platform to showcase their work. It is also difficult for people looking for volunteering opportunities to find an apt NGO. In order to remove these hurdles for a better societal change,
CitYzen is happy to come up with NGOs Portal – a platform for all NGOs in and around Vizag to showcase their work,connect to volunteers, donors, sponsors.

Here are the various NGOs working a better Vizag. Connect, explore the opprotunites and work for a better Vizag.

JCI Vizag

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Mother Earth Environmental Consciousness Society

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