Majority of the populations across the world and are moving towards urban spaces. While cities are spreading themselves and their population growing exponentially, resources become scarce. Sustainabale practices are to be brought in to cope us with the demand. Besides this with the advent of chemical fertilizers most of the foods we obtain in urban scenario are contaminated chemically. As a solution to both the above, practices like Urban Farming, terrace gardening, kitchen gardening becomes essential. It would not only add to green space of the city, but also will provide opportunity to grow fresh organic vegetables at home. It indirectly also provides scope for making manure out of the domestic household (esp. kitchen) waste.

Across the world many people are taking the lead and developing kitchen and terrace gardens at their Homes. Being a Smart City now, it becomes another priority for we Vizagites to promote and practice kitchen and terrace gardening at home.

For someone who is not at all aware of the farming practice or basic plantation techniques venturing into a kitchen garden or terrace might seem a daunting task. But with the Google Maatha’s help nothing is as difficult as it used to be before. All it needs is a little patience and a few failure to learn things. Besides this CitYzen is conducting kitchen and terrace gardening Workshops for Vizagites regularly so that more people can learn about it and start initiating it at their home. We are posting a few links which might be useful to you to learn about kitchen and terrace gardening:
Kitchen Gardening Tips
Container Gardening Tips
5 Secrets to Terrace Gardening by Better India
5 Baby Steps to Start off Your Kitchen Garden
Organic Terrace Gardening by Shramajeevi

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