Greenery and Cleanliness are two important aspects of a city, but unhealthy citizens with vast green spaces and green community doesn’t make any sense. Being healthy is the one criterion that goes well with greenery and cleanliness. Let us all stick to a healthy lifestyle and lead a good life. This page lists out the events for encouraging a healthy life style, articles on healthy lifestyle and few health tools we all can use.

Health Tools

Walking Routes


Make your own route for a walk/jog. You can drag the markers to the desired locations and see the distance. You are free to create many routes .



You can log your workouts here and you can also use it to see how much calories can you burn on the routes created by you.



This is where you can select the route, start and end time and your details to estimate the number of calories you burn through an activity. It also has a BMI and Target Heart Rate calculator.


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