11 October 2015
Society For Green today took up Ethapalm Churuvu (Ravulapalam Cheruvu) Cleanup Drive today i.e Sunday, October 11th-2015. This Pond is situated in Kurmannapalam, adjacent to Sai Baba Temple in Ward no 58 of GVMC
Society For Green which is a environmentally conscious organization has initiated the event after knowing about the bad condition of the pond form S.I of Duvada Police Station Shri Shankar Narayan who met us on Appikonda Beach Cleaning program and brief about the poor condition of pond only on 2nd –October,
After visiting the site it was found even after Ganesh Nimanjjan Program on 27-September-2015 there were many a Ganesha Idol in the pond almost all made of Plaster of Paris and lots of pooja material left from Ganesh Pooja were dumped in the Pond. Apart from this even local resident from neither the area nor the civic authority showed any interest in cleaning and maintaining the pond. A concert road divides the pond in two and passer by uses the pond to dump their waste, and to attend the natures call. Even stray animals and buffalos find the pond as their resting place.
Society For Green’s President Ch. Harendra met the Zonal Commissioner Shri Ramana garu and addressed the need of saving this pond before it dries up and showed the concern to revive the pond. Today on Sunday 11th, Society For Green took up the Cleaning Program
The Cleaning Up program started at 7 am with trained water divers who were called to remove the Ganesh Idols. As many as 38 idols were removed from the pond most of which were made of Plaster of Paris and sizes varying from 5 feet’s to 15 feet’s. Volunteers from Society For Green and R.R walkers association participated in the clean up drive. Clean up drive lasted for almost six hours with more than 70 volunteers participating in the event. Gajuwaka Municipal Commissioner supported the event by providing transportation of the vinayaka idols left over to the disposal site.
While cleaning up the pond many a fishes were found dead due to the impact of water pollution because of idols immersion. This idols were there in water since 27th September-2015 and today is 11th-October that means for all this 15 days the idols were in water polluting it to the extent were fishes were seen floating on the water. Hope people learn and understand the effect and impact on water bodies due to Ganesh nimanjjanam of Idols made from Plaster of Paris and stops the use of Plaster of Paris idols.

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