Neti kriya: jala neti and sutra neti kriya is a simple procedure for cleaning the both nostrils with warm salty water. Neti effectively removes dirt and bacteria filled mucus from the nasal passage. Neti is an ancient yogic purification technique that help full in modern times where air pollution and air bome pathegers are real heal risk factors. By practing neti you can breath clearly and freely again. Once u get used to practicing jala neti and sutra neti it can easily be slotted into your daily routine . Sutra neti can be performed once a week. In our swaasayoga centre located at beach road pandurangapuram. It is a beautiful place to do kriyas we master you.

For more details contact our team of swaasayoga master degree holders mr surya prasad ( m. A. Yoga) , anil reddy pg dip in yoga, and madhavi latha at 888693119, 8886941199



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