Sutram:  “Matsyendra peetham jathara pradeeptim prachanda rugmmandlala khandana astram / adhyaasatah, kundalini prabdham chandra sthiratvam cha dadaati pumsaam”

Meaning: this matsyendraasana increases appetite by fanning the gastric fire, and is a weapon which destroys all the terrible diseases of the body with daily practice it arouses the kundalini and makes the moon.



  1. The respiratory rate in trained persons is maximum in ardha matsyendrasana.  In this aasana, muscular tone is markably increased and as result of this the muscles require more oxygen which can be met with by increasing the respiratory rate and subsequently the minute volume
  2.  This is one of the fine side twisting aasana.  All abdominal organs are squeezed.
  3.  Tones the nerve roots of the spin e and makes the back muscles supple and  cures all sorts of muscular rheumatism of the back.
  4. Relieves lumbago and slipped disc.
  5. Corrects the enlarged and congested liver, inactive kidneys, urinary tract disorders and menstrual disorders.
  6.  Stimulates pancreas gland to produce insulin..


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